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Clinton Donates $10, Boy Progressives Are Swell

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Hillary Clinton, after claiming that “The rich are not paying their fair share”, puts her money where her mouth is and donated $10 to Pakistan food relief. I guess that after throwing a wedding for her daughter that had a cost of around $2 million dollars she felt she had to show that she still cares about the little people. After all we would all like to be rich someday and have the opportunity to throw our children million dollar weddings and donate $10 to a charity. Oh wait many of us already send money to charity and many of us who do not have millions in the bank send $10 or more to charity each year. It makes you wonder if these progressives mean the rich other than themselves should pay their fair share.  Read More


Progressives Need To Change One More Thing The Word of God

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Progressives have been trying to push their policies any way they can. Churches of course have been one of their targets to try to push social justice rather than equal justice onto the people. Pelosi for one brought up religion in one of her speeches and after sounding like she had no idea what she was talking about decided to take a question. After the question was asked she quickly stated she did not want to talk about religion unless she was in church. So basically she brought up religion but refused to answer any questions regarding religion one can only assume because her stance on abortion is contrary to the teachings in the Bible.

People are starting notice when progressives come to their church their ideals do not coincide with the Word of God . Their attempt to infiltrate the church and spread their ideas has hit a snag of late. The whole idea of “collective salvation” is in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Where Jesus empowered the individual the progressives take a stance that is similar to that of the “Borg” in Star Trek. Under progressive ideology the individualism is not held to high regard. As much as the word “collective” is being used by these progressives it is a wonder why nobody has compared their vision of society to one with a hive mentality.

It is as if they would prefer the human race became a bunch of worker bees while the ruling class made up of a small group of people enjoy the fruits of everyone else’s labor. Some may say that is happening right now but in a capitalist system the individual has the ability to reach a level that is unattainable in in a socialist system. Under socialism everything that is done is for what the ruling class considers “good for the whole of society”. This is mentioned many times by progressives and they try to make it sound good by using terms like “social justice”.

The problem with “social justice” is that for there to be “social justice” there can be no equal justice. Social justice means that the “Law” becomes whatever the ruling class considers is good for whole of society apposed to the “Rule of Law” where each individual is equally protected and held accountable for their actions. The freedoms and liberties of today become a thing of the past when a small group of people obtain the power to decide what someone can and cant do for the good of the collective.  Read More

The only word that has less meaning in Washington than “change” is “ethics”

August 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Like most Americans we are tired of the word “change” because in political circles it means what ever politicians decide it means after they get elected. “Change” from a politician’s mouth is as empty as campaign promises anymore and that is on both sides of the isle. When you have the people ready to dump their Democrat officials and you have Republicans saying they need to coopt the 2010 class as soon as they get in office you know even the GOP needs to do some house cleaning.  Read More

Boycotting Arizona Has Not Had The Effect Progressives Wanted

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

It seems that the Arizona Boycotts are not working as well as the progressives hopped. It turns out that the occupancy in hotels across Arizona are up rather than down. Even states that are boycotting Arizona have been throwing business their way. Progressives in power can claim their state is boycotting Arizona but states like California have invested in Arizona and will create about 2,000 to 3,000 jobs. Cites like LA are making exemptions to the boycott in various instances to point the Boycott is not really a boycott anymore. Read More

Why The Tea Party is Not Just About Taxes Anymore

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

By Joseph Jones

Progressives need the TEA party to only be about taxes because that would play right into their plans. If you read “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows” you will see this. One of the things they are counting on is that people protest higher taxes and blame it on our capitalistic society rather than “Big Government”. If we were to simply use the Tea Party as a protest against high taxes we leave the door open for progressives to try to hijack the movement for their own political gain. The Tea Party has added pro small government sentiment to its movement so it is known that they do not believe Big Government can fix the problem. They have done this because Big Government is the problem and a move to a small government is needed to reach our ultimate goal of less taxes.

If you only let people know what you want fixed you are leaving it up to others to tell you how to solve the problem. Tea Party members are not merely complainers we are problem solvers. We will protest higher taxes and then we will come up with ways to resolve the problem. To simply say taxes are to high and not address the underlying issues would be useless. This is why it looks like Tea Party members are taking on more issues than it originally set out to take on. In truth all of the issues we are taking on are the direct or indirect causes of the underlying issue of high taxes. If progressives cut taxes in half but borrowed money to support their unsustainable social programs and government agencies this would technically make someone only protesting higher taxes happy. But Tea Party members understand that by doing that we go further into debt and get closer to bankrupting our country. Tea Party members want taxes lowered responsibly and because of their love of country they work together to find ways to do this without destroying it.

Simply protesting something without presenting a blueprint to achieve your ultimate goal allows others to hijack your cause. We want change but not the change the progressives have presented. The change the Tea Party is looking for is not an empty change where politicians can fill in the blanks. We are standing up to Big Government and letting it be known what kind of change we want and how the change can be obtained. We are supporting candidates who support small government and lower taxes. We are educating ourselves on the problems our country is facing and targeting the cause of these problems. A politician can still lie to our faces but now we will hold them accountable for their lies.

Being Ignorant and Racist Is No Way To Go Through Life Little Lone Run a Country

July 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Progressives did a great job seemingly coming from nowhere but now Americans not only know they exist they know what they are now. They are no longer falling for the progressive bag of tricks. If anyone questions progressives on any issue they are called a racist and the most recent example comes from the NAACP. Read More

Progressives Vision Of America: Civil Rights Bad, Voter Fraud Good

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

A former career Justice Department lawyer, J. Christian Adams, testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and dropped a bombshell. He testified that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes said she would not support the enforcement of Section 8 of the “Motor Voter” Law. That section requires states to purge their voter rolls of felons, illegal voters, people who have died, and anyone who has moved out of state. Read More