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Education Is Needed To Thrive In a Free Market

August 13, 2010 1 comment

Education is very important when it comes to the free market. Those with an education have an edge when it comes to success or failure in a free market system. Companies look for those who have at the very least a high school diploma or a GED. Graduating from a College or a trade school will increase ones chances to start out at an even higher wage than someone who has only high school or a GED on their resume. This is because ones skill set is what makes them attractive to potential employers. The more experience and knowledge someone has in a particular field that a company is looking for the more valuable that person is to the company. Because a person has or accedes the level of knowledge the potential employer is looking for the more money that individual can get for their services. Read More


Progress is out of control and unable to deliver

No not the unmanned spacecraft that was supposed to dock with the space station the progress that progressives promised would be the change Americans wanted and needed. They passed a health care bill that nobody wanted and that none of them read. Companies will hold off on hiring anyone who would fall into the new subsidized insurance pool because they would be penalized for doing so. This will make getting a job all the more difficult for those who need jobs the most. Oh, I almost forgot about the fact they are saying now they may have to exclude sick people from the Obama Care high risk pool. I thought making sure that Obama care was supposed to make sure those who needed healthcare could get healthcare.  Read the Full Article

Issa Still Pushing for Justice

June 24, 2010 Leave a comment

You haven’t heard too much lately about the Job offers this administration made to try to effect democratic primaries in PA and Colorado.  It is very probably that these offers were illegal and that a full investigation should be done.  Unfortunately with so many things going on at once only a few Republicans are still pushing the issue.  Some consider the push for an investigation is simply a campaign strategy for the upcoming elections in November.  Read more at

How The Minimum Wage Laws Hurt Americans

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

It seems anytime someone wants to mention how the minimum wage hurts job creation they get slammed and marked as someone who hates the poor.  In reality the minimum wage hurts the poor who would otherwise be able to find a job if employers were able to pay them what they are worth.  If someone who does not have skills that make them worth the $7.25 minimum wage companies will not hire them.  This means that the person is unable to get a job and save money he or she gets and to further their education. Read the rest at (with Video)