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Individual Accomplishment VS Learned Helplessness

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

An accomplishment is something that is taken for granted by many these days.  This is because an accomplishment can only be as big as the task at hand.  The more difficult the task the more capability one must have to accomplish it.  To accomplish something one must have the capability to do what the task requires them to do.  The more complex a task is the more skill and knowledge is required to accomplish it.  Besides skill and knowledge one must have the willingness to dedicate the  time and effort required to complete the task.

The more complex tasks are turned into projects because one person is unable to accomplish it by themselves.  When one was presented with a field that needed to be plowed at one time they simply took a plow into the field and could accomplish the task themselves as long as they knew how to make a plow and were willing to put the time and effort into plow the field.  When a task like landing on the moon was presented it had to become a project because it took many people working on many tasks to accomplish specified goals to accomplish the overall feat of landing on the moon.

To accomplish great things you need people who are dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve them.  You need someone who has an idea and those willing to take the financial risk to invest in that idea.  When the idea is backed financially people need to be found who have the knowledge and willingness to do the work for a specified amount of money.  You now have workers accomplishing their goal of getting a paycheck as well as the company reaching their goal of making a profit along with providing goods or services that were not available before the idea became a reality.

The car that you drive and the cell phone you use all started with an idea and tasks needed to be completed before they became a reality.  Many things needed to be accomplished along the way before we were able to turn a key and drive to our grandmothers house or dial a set of numbers to talk to her from 3000 miles away.  The reason your grandmother is still alive could be because of a breakthrough someone had while researching cures for an illness.  There are countless accomplishments that have changed our world for the better over the years and the individual not the government has made them possible.

It is said that “necessity is the mother of all inventions” and that is true at many different levels.  Some inventions may have not been considered a necessity 5000 years ago but today are considered essential.  Lets take your home computer for example.  Your computer is a big part of your life but in reality it is not necessary for you to survive.  But when you look at a computer that is used by doctors or engineers a computer is essential for them to accomplish their goals that may hold someone’s life and death in the balance.  A doctor may use a computer to keep up to date on an outbreak in the area and an engineer may have designed a part for that computer or the vehicle that doctor and many others drive to get to work each day.

Necessity is why you go to work to get a paycheck.  You need to be able to afford food and a place to live and a paycheck provides that for you.  After your have clothe, shelter, food and water you can than choose to build up savings incase you lose your jobs later on down the road.  Once you feel secure you can than use money you earn on things that are not necessary for your survival like a cell phone or a television.  All of the accomplishments that has made our country great has come from people who believed that they not the government know what is best for them.  They took responsibility for themselves and were able to better their lives because they knew what they wanted and had their own goals that they wanted to accomplish.  This is why you have a computer at your home even though it is not necessary for your survival.

Of course ones life has setbacks but when you fail the knowledge that you can pick yourself back up and try again without the government hindering your efforts gives you hope.  You have faith that given time you can not only get back to the point where you were before you fell but to a position that surpasses that point.  Hope for a better day is what has made our country great.  As long as the American people have hope and faith in themselves there is no limit to what our country can accomplish.  Our country did not become great because of anything our government did it became great because of what the individual does in our country.  When you have the power to decide what you need and don’t need, like the computer at your house or cable TV, you are empowered to improve your own situation.

The great accomplishments that were achieved in our country came from the individuals doing more and the government doing less.  The hope of a better day tomorrow pushed the individual American and their faith that they could enjoy the fruits of their labors brought America to heights unrealized by any other nation that had ever existed.  But something happened in America that went against everything that was proven successful.  This is when the government started to grow and the successful experiment that was the United States began to falter.

As the government became bigger and bigger what had made our country great became more and more a distant memory.  The American people are losing hope and becoming more dependent on the very thing that threatens their ability to pull themselves back up.  The government has created social programs that fully support both the necessary needs and unnecessary needs of those at poverty level.  These programs that were once considered a safety net that one would want to get out of as soon as possible has become more attractive than actually getting a job.  You have able bodied people staying on these programs from generation to generation.

You have individuals who now depend on the government to take care of their every need rather than relying on themselves.  You have kids dropping out of school because they know that the government will take care of them.  They have learned that there is no reason to try because they will get enough from the government to survive.  The next generation sees this and assumes this is the best that it gets and do the same.  Eventually you have whole community’s that have a learned helplessness.  Meanwhile as more people become reliant on the government the accomplishment of the individual is overshadowed by a false sense of accomplishment by the government.

As the government creates an environment where it needs to do more and more it grows in size to accomplish these new tasks.  As the privet sector slowly dies from the weight of the government the hope and faith that individuals once had in themselves begin to erode away.  Instead of relying on themselves people begin to rely on the government more and more.  People stop praying for work or a promotion so they can take care of their families and begin praying for more government handouts.  With every handout that comes from the government the government has more power and has used it to slowly erase God from our society.  As God is removed more and more they are able to pervert or flat out ignore our constitution that recognizes natural law and limits our governments power.

As God is slowly erased the government slowly works to fill that void so instead of looking to God people begin to look to the government for everything.  When the government has sufficiently removed God from society they then decide to slowly remove the constitution and economics from our schools.  This creates a society of people that are totally dependent on the government for everything.  When hope and faith is gone and helplessness takes their place you start to get 30,000 people waiting in line to be put on a list to get government housing in two to three years down the road.  Limited government gave us things like the light bulb, the car, a man on the moon, and the faith that we can accomplish anything.  Big government has given us 30,000 people who do not think their situation will improve in three years, the participation trophy and the beginning of a Godless society.

Common sense will tell you what size our government should be but big government does everything it can to ensure that common sense is not that common.  Big government knows that common sense is just as big of an enemy as the constitution and God are and has declared war on all three.  Right now the individual has the power to decide if the government will continue to grow or will be made smaller.  If the government is allowed to remain as big as it is now the individual will eventually lose that power and became a slave and the government their master.  A choice is presented to us in November and the 2012 elections and it is either small government and individual accomplishment or big government that accomplishes leaned helplessness.


Fall From Grace

August 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Look to the history of the world and you will see the most successful governments ever created were those that were based on the “Rule of Law”.  Out of those governments that were ruled by law those who recognized Natural Law were even greater yet.  Governments have fallen time and time again when the morals of the people became corrupted.  The best guide ever written on the subject of morals is the Bible.  The Bible was written over hundreds of years by different men yet the message still remains the same.  Gods laws are the foundation of all good morals and the need for good morals in a society is evident when you see the governments that recognized Gods laws in their own legal system were by far the most successful.

To have a strong government it must be supported by the people who are ruled by that government.  The happier the people are under a government the stronger that government is.  If the people are to be happy the government must recognize the rights that people are given by their creator.  The right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the foundation of any government that wishes to have its people support it wholeheartedly.   The unalienable rights granted by the creator are the rights all men must be given to ensure their happiness.  By recognizing these rights not just for a few but for all a government recognizes that all men are created equal and enforces its laws against all who fall under them equally.

When it is recognized that all men are created equal it must also be understood that if a body is to govern the people the people must be the ones who govern.  Because all men are created equal all people who fall under this form of government must have the right to choose those who will govern them.  Those who are to govern must come from the people and voted into office by the people.  These  unalienable Rights that must be protected by the “Rule of Law” come from the Bible and because they come from the Bible religion must be cultivated for any society to survive.  Once those who would wish to take away these rights can only do so by first perverting religion and then dissolving it.

No one who believes in natural law by way of their religion will sit by and let their unalienable rights be taken from them.  That is unless religion is perverted over time and the people begin to lose site of their moral values.  People who know something is wrong will simply find a way to legalize it in the laws they write themselves in an attempt to clear their concuss when they commit the act they know is truly wrong.  Over time these people will chip away at the moral foundation of a society until the foundation becomes week and can stand no longer.  Once the foundation falls they will attempt to build their own foundations not based on natural law but on what they believe the laws of nature should be.

When this has happened to empires of the past they quickly fell and simply became footnotes in history.  As sure as the morals in the Bible will always be those that good men strive to achieve in their own life there will always be those who believe they can do it better.  As time has gone by and advancements have come in every subject the Bible has stood the test of time.  As governments come and go the Bible is still here and shows the path to not only salvation but the laws that all good governments should be based on.  Many intellectuals who have written papers and books have declared their philosophy as the best blueprint for a government but none of their works has ever produced a government more successful than one based on the principles one can find in the Bible.

To move away from the principles found in the Bible is to move the government towards its own demise.  The only way to move away from these principles without an uprising is to pervert the message and slowly move the people away from their own salvation.  The morals of the people must be corrupted more and more each generation.  Once morals have all but disappeared in a people those who would take power must replace Gods Law with their own law and their own set of morals.  When this is complete the government’s fate is set and its fall will soon fallow.

The New American Revolution: Republic VS. Progressives

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

After passing the financial reform bill on top of Obama Care we are pretty much already a socialist country.  The door has been opened for communism because once the door is open for the government to take over the markets they will.  Now instead of ones income being dictated by the free market, which is blind as Justice, ones income will be decided by those in power.  It may not be today but with the openings these 2000 plus page bills leave soon there will be people planning supply and demand.

The “Rule Of Law” has already had those in power decide what laws to uphold and what laws not to uphold and without a consistent judicial system there is nothing to protect the people.  The powers that be have already waged war on any news outlet that questions there policies and the rest of the media has become a propaganda machine.  Socialism is being pushed in schools and our children are being indoctrinated.  The failed system of socialism is feeding on the fears of the people willing to give up their freedoms and liberties for the promise of security.   Read More

Why The Tea Party is Not Just About Taxes Anymore

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

By Joseph Jones

Progressives need the TEA party to only be about taxes because that would play right into their plans. If you read “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows” you will see this. One of the things they are counting on is that people protest higher taxes and blame it on our capitalistic society rather than “Big Government”. If we were to simply use the Tea Party as a protest against high taxes we leave the door open for progressives to try to hijack the movement for their own political gain. The Tea Party has added pro small government sentiment to its movement so it is known that they do not believe Big Government can fix the problem. They have done this because Big Government is the problem and a move to a small government is needed to reach our ultimate goal of less taxes.

If you only let people know what you want fixed you are leaving it up to others to tell you how to solve the problem. Tea Party members are not merely complainers we are problem solvers. We will protest higher taxes and then we will come up with ways to resolve the problem. To simply say taxes are to high and not address the underlying issues would be useless. This is why it looks like Tea Party members are taking on more issues than it originally set out to take on. In truth all of the issues we are taking on are the direct or indirect causes of the underlying issue of high taxes. If progressives cut taxes in half but borrowed money to support their unsustainable social programs and government agencies this would technically make someone only protesting higher taxes happy. But Tea Party members understand that by doing that we go further into debt and get closer to bankrupting our country. Tea Party members want taxes lowered responsibly and because of their love of country they work together to find ways to do this without destroying it.

Simply protesting something without presenting a blueprint to achieve your ultimate goal allows others to hijack your cause. We want change but not the change the progressives have presented. The change the Tea Party is looking for is not an empty change where politicians can fill in the blanks. We are standing up to Big Government and letting it be known what kind of change we want and how the change can be obtained. We are supporting candidates who support small government and lower taxes. We are educating ourselves on the problems our country is facing and targeting the cause of these problems. A politician can still lie to our faces but now we will hold them accountable for their lies.

I guess the questions I have is “When did marijuana become legal at the federal level for recreational use? If Proposition 19 is to make marijuana legal for recreational use and the federal government has not done so themselves wouldn’t Proposition 19 be California trumping Federal Law? Now if you take the argument of whether it should… Read Rest Of Article

Progress is out of control and unable to deliver

No not the unmanned spacecraft that was supposed to dock with the space station the progress that progressives promised would be the change Americans wanted and needed. They passed a health care bill that nobody wanted and that none of them read. Companies will hold off on hiring anyone who would fall into the new subsidized insurance pool because they would be penalized for doing so. This will make getting a job all the more difficult for those who need jobs the most. Oh, I almost forgot about the fact they are saying now they may have to exclude sick people from the Obama Care high risk pool. I thought making sure that Obama care was supposed to make sure those who needed healthcare could get healthcare.  Read the Full Article

If It Looks Like Marxism and Sounds Like Marxism its Marxism

June 24, 2010 Leave a comment

You have heard the conservatives constantly telling you that progressives are pushing for a government based on Marxism.  They have been telling you that a government run health care would concentrate more on keeping productive members of society healthy rather than those who are too young or too old to be productive.  The mainstream media along with progressives keep telling you that they are just fear mongering and that these accusations are totally unfounded.  But then Representative Kanjorski, a democrat from PA, makes a statement that the government is working on giving relief to good American people not minorities or defective people. Read More At