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Free Market: Competition Needs To Be Introduced To Our Schools At All Levels

August 14, 2010 Leave a comment

No mater what career one chooses some level of education is needed to achieve a skillset that makes one more marketable to potential employers. If the free market system is to be understood one would of course have to learn about it somewhere along the way though the education system. The problem here is that an education system that is inefficient because it does not fallow the free market system is not a good source to learn about the free market system. To understand this you first have to understand that the teachers union does not have your child’s best interest in mind. The teachers union’s soul purpose is to represent teachers and its own interests. Teachers in the union love to bring up the fact that they make less then teachers in privet schools as a reason why they should get more money but the fact is teachers in a privet school have to perform to keep their jobs.  Read More


Its not that your lazy Bob’s its that you just don’t care

July 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Rep. Bob Inglis and Senator Bob Bennett are bitter losers who have decided to slam everyone who had anything to do with their early ousting from the November Elections. Inglis stated, “I think what we’re doing is dividing the country into partisan camps” and than likens them to Shia and Sunni’s, who have been killing each other for centuries. So when Inglis looks at an American he sees a bunch of thugs who eradicate their political opponents by way of genocide. He insinuates that the tea partiers are racist and that is why they are against Obama’s policies. Inglis mentions and incident where he admits that he did not hear any racist comments and the many videos and audios recorded at that time picked up no racial slurs. Yet like we have seen from countless other politicians Inglis just deems it to be so. He did not mention anything about the New Black Panther member screaming for the execution of “White” “Cracker” babies when he spoke of racism and that video was all over the web. Read More