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Free Market: Something None of Us Have Experienced

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who continue to say that the free market failed us the rest of us have to understand that they do not know what a free market is. In fact none of us have ever experienced a free market system in our life time. With subsidy’s given to farmers prices are set artificially rather then by a free market system. When companies like GM fail because of bad decisions made by management and bad union contracts a free market system would let them fail not bail them out with tax payer money. Failure is not a bad thing and is the key component to success. A company that fails shows others what should not be done and allows other companies to step up and take their place. There is something called “bankruptcy” that can be used by a company like GM to start over and leave its bad polices and contracts behind. Read More


The New American Revolution: Republic VS. Progressives

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

After passing the financial reform bill on top of Obama Care we are pretty much already a socialist country.  The door has been opened for communism because once the door is open for the government to take over the markets they will.  Now instead of ones income being dictated by the free market, which is blind as Justice, ones income will be decided by those in power.  It may not be today but with the openings these 2000 plus page bills leave soon there will be people planning supply and demand.

The “Rule Of Law” has already had those in power decide what laws to uphold and what laws not to uphold and without a consistent judicial system there is nothing to protect the people.  The powers that be have already waged war on any news outlet that questions there policies and the rest of the media has become a propaganda machine.  Socialism is being pushed in schools and our children are being indoctrinated.  The failed system of socialism is feeding on the fears of the people willing to give up their freedoms and liberties for the promise of security.   Read More

Uncle Sam Was Slipped a Mickey and Had His Pocket Picked

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

President Dmitry Medvedev has renewed his efforts to push for another currency to reduce the dollars dominance.  This has always been a pipe dream that other countries talked about but never really had an opportunity to make their move.   Well thanks to an inept group of people in Washington DC the opportunity has presented its self. Read the rest at

Rant #5 You can never give a progressive enough free stuff

Progressive crying to Pelosi about the fact they have not received free money like they were promised.  As much as this administration has given to these progressives the progressives are infuriated that they have not received more.  The woman mentions that states are pleading for more money to save the communities.  Well I hate to be the one to tell you the bad news but the social programs you have set up are killing our economy and you are now finding out that all that free money comes from somewhere.

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Rant #5 You can never give a progressive enough free stuff