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Let Them Eat Cake

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

“Across the board people are making adjustments large and small to accommodate the fact we are in very difficult times right now.” President Obama

This was said about the American people who have been cutting back in these difficult economic times. Americans have had to stay closer to home for vacation to save money that is if they could even afford to go on vacation at all. They have had cut back on gifts this year on birthdays and will need to cut back on Christmas gifts this December because they just don’t have the money they had a few years ago. The American people understand this and along with these cutbacks are cutting back on may things in their every day life. Like Obama said, “The American people are making a host of sacrifices in their individual lives”.

“What I said here in Washington is that we got to make some tough choices we have to make some tough budgetary choices…”, Obama speaks of instructing Washington that they have to cut spending. Where are these budget cuts? The progressives have hundreds of billions of dollars still unspent set aside for what they said was to help prevent the layoffs of cops, fire fighters, and teachers yet instead of using that money to help the cops, the fire fighters, and the teachers they spent tens of billions more of taxpayer dollars to do it. Read More


The only word that has less meaning in Washington than “change” is “ethics”

August 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Like most Americans we are tired of the word “change” because in political circles it means what ever politicians decide it means after they get elected. “Change” from a politician’s mouth is as empty as campaign promises anymore and that is on both sides of the isle. When you have the people ready to dump their Democrat officials and you have Republicans saying they need to coopt the 2010 class as soon as they get in office you know even the GOP needs to do some house cleaning.  Read More

Being Ignorant and Racist Is No Way To Go Through Life Little Lone Run a Country

July 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Progressives did a great job seemingly coming from nowhere but now Americans not only know they exist they know what they are now. They are no longer falling for the progressive bag of tricks. If anyone questions progressives on any issue they are called a racist and the most recent example comes from the NAACP. Read More

It’s Time For The GOP To Step Up

July 11, 2010 Leave a comment

As Republicans like the Bob’s, I wrote about yesterday, and the progressive Lindsey Graham (Republican) slamming the Tea Party the Republicans are slow to truly embrace the Tea Partiers and their ideology. This is surprising because if you go to the GOP website and go to the what we believe page you would think you were looking at an “about us” page on one of the many Tea Party Websites. The first statement made is that they believe “we’re fortunate to live in America” because of our rights and freedoms. They go on to mention the “power and ingenuity of the individual” which comes down to Americans having the right to succeed or fail by their own merit. They say they believe in small government, charity, that the individual knows how to best spend their money better than the government, the free market, and a strong national defense. Does any of this sound familiar? If you have been paying attention to the Tea Party rallies it should. Read More

Its not that your lazy Bob’s its that you just don’t care

July 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Rep. Bob Inglis and Senator Bob Bennett are bitter losers who have decided to slam everyone who had anything to do with their early ousting from the November Elections. Inglis stated, “I think what we’re doing is dividing the country into partisan camps” and than likens them to Shia and Sunni’s, who have been killing each other for centuries. So when Inglis looks at an American he sees a bunch of thugs who eradicate their political opponents by way of genocide. He insinuates that the tea partiers are racist and that is why they are against Obama’s policies. Inglis mentions and incident where he admits that he did not hear any racist comments and the many videos and audios recorded at that time picked up no racial slurs. Yet like we have seen from countless other politicians Inglis just deems it to be so. He did not mention anything about the New Black Panther member screaming for the execution of “White” “Cracker” babies when he spoke of racism and that video was all over the web. Read More

The Obama Regime Is Riddle With Fail

Democrats continue their push to bankrupt our country. They are finding every way possible to continue their out of control spending and by deeming a $1.12 trillion dollar non existent budget as passed they have entered the realm of the criminally negligent. They flat out refuse to pay for anything and simply push the problem on to future generations. If you want another example of how economically irresponsible progressives are you need only look at Obamas plan to spend $2 billion dollars to create 5100 jobs of which only 1500 will be permanent. That is $1.3 million dollars spent per permanent job.  Read the rest of the article

Pete Stark Hates His Constituents, He Hates Americans, and He Hates America

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Congressman Pete Stark shows his disdain for his constituents by accusing them of killing people and talking down to them. He has shown he does not support the defense of our boarders and has shown his distaste for Americans and this country. He uses absolute lies to support his beliefs and seems to think it is not the government’s job to keep our country safe. Phoenix Arizona is only second to Mexico city in the number of kidnappings that it experiences a year. This puts Phoenix at number two in the world and if you think this should alarm Washington think again. The Stark video is a great example of how our elected officials view us. We are merrily a necessary evil that they must put up with to get re-elected. Of course they won’t have to worry about that anymore when they finally transition the United States into a Communist country. Read Rest Of Article