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Progressives Need To Change One More Thing The Word of God

Progressives have been trying to push their policies any way they can. Churches of course have been one of their targets to try to push social justice rather than equal justice onto the people. Pelosi for one brought up religion in one of her speeches and after sounding like she had no idea what she was talking about decided to take a question. After the question was asked she quickly stated she did not want to talk about religion unless she was in church. So basically she brought up religion but refused to answer any questions regarding religion one can only assume because her stance on abortion is contrary to the teachings in the Bible.

People are starting notice when progressives come to their church their ideals do not coincide with the Word of God . Their attempt to infiltrate the church and spread their ideas has hit a snag of late. The whole idea of “collective salvation” is in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Where Jesus empowered the individual the progressives take a stance that is similar to that of the “Borg” in Star Trek. Under progressive ideology the individualism is not held to high regard. As much as the word “collective” is being used by these progressives it is a wonder why nobody has compared their vision of society to one with a hive mentality.

It is as if they would prefer the human race became a bunch of worker bees while the ruling class made up of a small group of people enjoy the fruits of everyone else’s labor. Some may say that is happening right now but in a capitalist system the individual has the ability to reach a level that is unattainable in in a socialist system. Under socialism everything that is done is for what the ruling class considers “good for the whole of society”. This is mentioned many times by progressives and they try to make it sound good by using terms like “social justice”.

The problem with “social justice” is that for there to be “social justice” there can be no equal justice. Social justice means that the “Law” becomes whatever the ruling class considers is good for whole of society apposed to the “Rule of Law” where each individual is equally protected and held accountable for their actions. The freedoms and liberties of today become a thing of the past when a small group of people obtain the power to decide what someone can and cant do for the good of the collective.  Read More

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