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Fall From Grace

Look to the history of the world and you will see the most successful governments ever created were those that were based on the “Rule of Law”.  Out of those governments that were ruled by law those who recognized Natural Law were even greater yet.  Governments have fallen time and time again when the morals of the people became corrupted.  The best guide ever written on the subject of morals is the Bible.  The Bible was written over hundreds of years by different men yet the message still remains the same.  Gods laws are the foundation of all good morals and the need for good morals in a society is evident when you see the governments that recognized Gods laws in their own legal system were by far the most successful.

To have a strong government it must be supported by the people who are ruled by that government.  The happier the people are under a government the stronger that government is.  If the people are to be happy the government must recognize the rights that people are given by their creator.  The right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the foundation of any government that wishes to have its people support it wholeheartedly.   The unalienable rights granted by the creator are the rights all men must be given to ensure their happiness.  By recognizing these rights not just for a few but for all a government recognizes that all men are created equal and enforces its laws against all who fall under them equally.

When it is recognized that all men are created equal it must also be understood that if a body is to govern the people the people must be the ones who govern.  Because all men are created equal all people who fall under this form of government must have the right to choose those who will govern them.  Those who are to govern must come from the people and voted into office by the people.  These  unalienable Rights that must be protected by the “Rule of Law” come from the Bible and because they come from the Bible religion must be cultivated for any society to survive.  Once those who would wish to take away these rights can only do so by first perverting religion and then dissolving it.

No one who believes in natural law by way of their religion will sit by and let their unalienable rights be taken from them.  That is unless religion is perverted over time and the people begin to lose site of their moral values.  People who know something is wrong will simply find a way to legalize it in the laws they write themselves in an attempt to clear their concuss when they commit the act they know is truly wrong.  Over time these people will chip away at the moral foundation of a society until the foundation becomes week and can stand no longer.  Once the foundation falls they will attempt to build their own foundations not based on natural law but on what they believe the laws of nature should be.

When this has happened to empires of the past they quickly fell and simply became footnotes in history.  As sure as the morals in the Bible will always be those that good men strive to achieve in their own life there will always be those who believe they can do it better.  As time has gone by and advancements have come in every subject the Bible has stood the test of time.  As governments come and go the Bible is still here and shows the path to not only salvation but the laws that all good governments should be based on.  Many intellectuals who have written papers and books have declared their philosophy as the best blueprint for a government but none of their works has ever produced a government more successful than one based on the principles one can find in the Bible.

To move away from the principles found in the Bible is to move the government towards its own demise.  The only way to move away from these principles without an uprising is to pervert the message and slowly move the people away from their own salvation.  The morals of the people must be corrupted more and more each generation.  Once morals have all but disappeared in a people those who would take power must replace Gods Law with their own law and their own set of morals.  When this is complete the government’s fate is set and its fall will soon fallow.


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