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It’s Time For The GOP To Step Up

As Republicans like the Bob’s, I wrote about yesterday, and the progressive Lindsey Graham (Republican) slamming the Tea Party the Republicans are slow to truly embrace the Tea Partiers and their ideology. This is surprising because if you go to the GOP website and go to the what we believe page you would think you were looking at an “about us” page on one of the many Tea Party Websites. The first statement made is that they believe “we’re fortunate to live in America” because of our rights and freedoms. They go on to mention the “power and ingenuity of the individual” which comes down to Americans having the right to succeed or fail by their own merit. They say they believe in small government, charity, that the individual knows how to best spend their money better than the government, the free market, and a strong national defense. Does any of this sound familiar? If you have been paying attention to the Tea Party rallies it should. Read More

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