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Latest Hostage of Progressives is Unemployed Americans

Democrats show that they are good at only one thing and that is holding America hostage until they get what they want. They are not securing the boarder until they get comprehensive immigration reform passed. It appears that they have sat on the oil spewing into the Gulf in hopes it can be used to pass Cap and Trade. These progressives are holding our troops hostage by refusing to pass a war funding bill unless they can include unrelated progressive priorities. Now they are holding the unemployed Americans hostage because they want to be able to falsely claim that Republicans are refusing to pass a bill that would help those Americans. In reality the Democrats would have enough votes to pass the bill if they paid for at least half of the bill with funds from last years stimulus package that is yet to be used. The reason Democrats will not do this is because they consider that money as their own personal progressive slush fund. Americans have woken up and know who is holding them hostage and Pelosi can vomit her progressive propaganda until she is blue in the face and still not convince Americans otherwise. Read The Rest Of The Article

  1. missdisplaced
    July 2, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    I don’t know WHAT planet you are living on (or how much FOX Newstainment you must be watching) but you are dead wrong. As one of those unemployed Americans who has had lifeline unemployment benefits cutoff on June 12th, I have been following this story very carefully in the news and on C-Span. I can tell you that 3 TIMES now the GOP Senators have refused to pass this bill extending unemployment. Nearly all the Dems have voted Yea. I am SICK of the (and always the GOP) telling us we are lazy, had enough UI, should settle for less, or are on drugs!

    Now all the rich b*aster* run off for a lovely summer weekend leaving many jobless Americans hung out to dry. The GOP says it won’t pass it because of the future deficit, but what about the families suffering NOW? If children can’t eat, or are homeless what kind of future do they have? We have 9.7% unemployment, this needs to be extended NOW!


    • July 2, 2010 at 5:12 pm

      I see that the article you recommended does not mention that Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio) would have provided the vote to pass it which would have provided the aid to the families who need it. Voinovich, who is concerned with the growing debt, just wanted the Democrats to fund half of the bill with some of the money they still have left from the failed stimulus package that was passed last year. Instead these progressives decided that keeping the stimulus money, which is a giant progressive slush fund, was more important than children who need food. You see progressives don’t care about the children or poor families they would rather those poor children starve before they give up a dime of the slush fund they created. Sure they will act like they care and someone like you will post comments on blogs that call progressives out and say you watched C-Span on the issue. If you watch C-Span how come the best reference you can come up with is progressive website? I watch MSNBC, FoxNews, CNN, C-Span (website because I do not get it here). I read the Huffington Post, Roll Call, Washington Post, New York Times, HotAir, and Red State. If you would like to find an article mentioning that Senator George Voinovich was willing to give the Democrats the vote they needed you only need to go as far as the Washington Post. Or is the Washington Post to conservative for Democrats now?

      I also wonder how much higher that 9.7% unemployment rate will get if Democrats grant amnesty to all the illegal aliens in the country just so they can use their votes to get back into office to continue pushing their failed policies on Americans. Not to mention the cost of $2.7 trillion over the next ten years if Illegal’s granted immunity apply for welfare programs. Of course I know not all illegal aliens granted immunity will land in the welfare system but the Americans who lose their jobs to them more than likely will.

      Drudge ReportRedStateHot AirRoll CallThe Huffington PostNew York Times

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