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U.N. has no faith in U.S. Dollar

The United Nations abandons the U.S. dollar as the main global reserve currency.  I guess Obama ]and his spend, spend, spend philosophy is not sitting to well with other countries.  Other countries now can see that progressives are running the United States into the ground and they want no part of the dollar anymore. Obama and the progressives have set the stage for hyper inflation to take hold of the U.S. dollar and everyone sees the writing on the wall.  The progressives have looted our treasury and sent a lot of money overseas.  There plan to pass cap and trade will only add to the fall of the dollar and the U.S. as a whole.  The unsustainable welfare programs and the passing of National Health Care has us on track to become the next banana republic.  The progressive agendas are flawed were flawed and will always be flawed but it was nice of them to give it one last try in time to bankrupt our country.  The progressives won a the federal credit card last election and have maxed it out in less than two years.  Our credit line is about to be cut off and the progressive plan will be to tax the hell out of people and businesses to try to pay some of it off.  But like everyone who is addicted to spending they will simply use the taxes to fund more projects rather than get their finances in order.  The higher taxes will bleed businesses dry and consumers will not be able to afford to be consumers anymore.  The 2010 elections may be to far down the road to help us.

ALERT…this just came in UN: Abandon Dollar as Global Reserve Currency – by Randyedye – June 30 2010

Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency: U.N. report by Reuters

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