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A New START To A New Cold War

Talk of communism, an administration pushing for socialism and now Russian spies busted in the United States makes many of us question what year this is. We have an administration negotiating an arms treaty that is clearly outmatched at the negotiation table. It also appears that the administration knows that it is outmatched because it refuses to turn over negotiating records to the Senate. This is another one of the Progressives “You have to pass it before you can see what’s all in it” except this is not just for our healthcare this is our national defense. Russia will be able to build as many weapons as they want and Obama will than push to ban testing in the U.S. letting our nuclear arsenal become outdated. So while the Russians build back up to cold war numbers we will let our nuclear arsenal become obsolete. The Russian spy ring that was busted clearly shows that we are closer to a new cold war than any of us thought. Read Full Article

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