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Rant #2 Knowledge is Power

I have noticed a sickening trend when it comes to discussing history or politics. When I discuss issues with friends and colleagues we of course hit a point where you have to agree to disagree. Of course to help them understand my way of thinking I tell them a book to read that covers what we are talking about. I always get an uninterested look and never once has one person ended up reading any of my recommendations. I have even given them a book to read that they never get around to and quickly I began to realize they have not even read up on their side of the issue. I can understand someone having a closed mind to facts if the facts contradict their way of thinking. I do not however believe ones opinion is relevant if one refuses to research the issue. I do believe you have to read up on at least one side of an issue if you are to formulate an opinion that can be viewed as relevant. However if you want to be able to let others with different viewpoints understand your way of thinking you must read both side of the issue.

What has struck me like a sledgehammer is this. Not only are people not reading both sides of an issue they are not reading either side of an issue. I have noticed that when I recommend a book people are sourcing what they heard someone say and even movies. I spent a better part of ten years discussing issues with people who viewed things pretty much the same way as I do. This can be contributed to living in locations around the world with small populations of U.S. citizens that just so happened to have the same political views I do. Now that I am living in a higher populated area with diverse views I find myself debating different topics with people who see things differently. What astonishes me is how many do not read. They also refuse to watch or read any news other than one that is biased to their way of thinking. I cannot understand for the life of me why these people do not understand that knowledge is power and you cannot trust what someone is telling you without double checking the facts yourself.  Once you do this than you can decide what side of the issue you fall on.

When did we decide that knowledge was not worth the time it took to read a book or look into other points of view. Why are we letting others dictate what knowledge we should be privy to? As Patriots we should want to learn about our past and keep up with current events so we know when it is time to speak up. By studying the past we better understand were we came from and by keeping up with current events we know if any changes are being made that we disagree with. If one does not study the past as well as the present an argument is only based on one issue were the grander picture is not taken into consideration. One may see an issue where one side would give them an advantage of some sort and support it. But by not knowing the big picture they do not see that although they may get a temporary advantage they will lose freedoms and liberties that will adversely effect them for the rest of their lives. Ignorance has become a pelage on our society as much as the progressive movement has been. Some like to say the progressive movement has cause the ignorance but I disagree. If one is ignorant there is nobody to blame but themselves.

Teach those who want to learn and let those who do not drowned themselves in the ocean of ignorance they choose to swim in.

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