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A Chatterer Rant #1

I guess these posts on here have been to get a good foundation of the problem eating away at our country. We have gone from “business as usual” to “business as usual” times ten. We have had SEC employees surfing the net for porn at work instead of regulating a market that would soon collapse in 2008. Just recently a Family values Republican resigns because he had an affair with someone who worked on his staff part time. I am sure glad they specified it was part time because that is so much better. Some of us have heard for the first time about people being evicted from their homes in Baltimore for $400 in unpaid bills for water. To top it off the auctions for those debts that drove them out of their home was rigged. People lose houses all the time and if you default on your mortgage that is what is supposed to happen. It is called a contract, read before you sign but when you lose your house because you could not afford to pay for water, leaving the corruption out of it, there has got to be a better way. Water is a basic necessity for life.

We have Richard Blumenthal the Connecticut Attorney General, no less, lying about being in the Vietnam War. Of course he said he “misspoke”. Misspoke? What do you take us for? Insane I guess, since we keep voting in the same kinds of people over and over and expect things to change. I don’t know about you but after seeing what Harvard pumps out these days I will take someone who received their college degree on line any day. We have heard a 2001 audio of Obama talking about redistribution of wealth; man I wonder where that was during the election? Journalists, and I use that term loosely, where are you? I mean all of this stuff is getting dug up by average everyday folks and you can’t find one? The Pulitzer Prize needs to be suspended indefinitely. Oh and don’t let me get on the subject of the Nobel Peace Prize. I just stayed at a Holiday Inn express so I figure I have a pretty good chance at the next round of contestants on the “Who wants a Nobel Peace Prize!!!!”. At the very least I should get a participation trophy like the ones our country wants to give out to troops who don’t fire there boom stick. Are they trying to say our troops are blood thirsty cold blooded killers? The military show restraint every day of their career.

Good old Al Sharpton is busy rewriting Dr. Kings dream while Eric Holder, our Attorney General, goes on a campaign trashing a bill he later admits he never read. Yes, I know you can’t make this stuff up. We have politicians ending successful education programs and unsuccessful teachers allowed to keep their job. Is the goal here to make the next generation ignorant and stupid because if that is what we are going for good job. RI had a school where only seven percent of their eleventh grade passed the math section on the state math exam. My question is what is the other ninety three percent doing in the eleventh grade in the first place? Or is graduation a participation trophy too these days? China has got to be wondering how the U.S. has survived all of these years little own become a super power. Oh and you can’t forget about the Gulf of Mexico filling up with oil. It sure would have been nice if they had some safety equipment there in case of something like this happening. Maybe the government can hand out some kind of certificate if someone drilling oil meets safety standards. Oh, wait a minute, they did get one of those. I guess it was another participation trophy.

 What’s going on America? Really, what is going though the minds of every last one of us? This little rant just contained some of the things going on. Do you feel like you are watching a horror move? You know, when you are watching the movie and shouting, “No! Don’t go through that door you idiot!” and our politicians are playing the role of the idiot? If so when you cast your vote in the 2010 elections don’t vote for the idiot in the horror movie.

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